UK Border Force: With Bill Nighy, Timothy Spall, Michael Earl. Apprentice-level entry requires GCSEs grades A D in maths and English. Hi Shiv, if you are interested in applying at an officer level you may find the following useful: Note that the competencies are not necessarily worded as they were on the application but you are welcome to use the same examples. The Assistant Immigration Officer verbal reasoning test assesses your language capabilities through a series of multiple-choice questions. Your application may also be accepted, if you do not have the above qualifications but have had relevant experience from security, regulatory bodies, and investigation work. Explain what the situation was and how you became involved. Border Force officer training Robert Simpson made this Freedom of Information request to UK Border Agency This request has been closed to new correspondence. Do not forget your supporting documents. After video interview and questions what is timescale to next stage for acceptance or being unsuccessful. Please note, the Border Force will accept qualifications of the same or higher level achieved by a number of vocational and professional qualifications not just academic, for example BTEC and NVQs. To pass, each candidate needs to outperform their peers: 1.. Physical fitness contributes to the maintenance of general health and the physical and moral components of fighting power by enhancing capabilities without the need for additional resources. You are given information such as CVs and cover letters and have to sort through those you think can be suitable and those that are not. Prior to your arrival at the centre, you will be given a list of 6 competencies. What training is included in the guide? The regions have responsibility for securing the border 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the UK's 140 seaports, airports, 200+ general aviation ports, postal depots and international rail network. To be eligible to apply to join the UK Border Force you will need to meet the following criteria: You will also be required to undergo Personal Safety Training (PST). Insider tips on how to answer the interview questions and advice onhow you will be scored. At we like to do things a little differently. Perform a re-gain on a single rope bridge and area below re-gain to be soft. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. #text-1211355106 { Fitness Test Failure Policy. Ensure that the hands and feet are on the same level, either both on the mat or both on the floor. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. We get 100s of testimonials and comments each month from those that have used our training thanking us for the help it has given them. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Tread water without any flotation aids for 2min. This resource is designed to help anyone looking to join the Border Force as an officer and conquer the gruelling selection process. Instead of just giving you access to guides which explain how the selection process works, and what you need to do to pass, we teach you HOW to do it also. Although the process for Immigration Officers and Assistant Immigration Officers can be similar, pay attention to the differences pointed out below. Try to make the result positive as a result of your actions. For training providers in the outdoor fitness, fitness boot camp and military fitness market, the purpose of the fitness assessment is to provide new and current members, plus the fitness instructor, with an indication of the individual members current level of fitness. Royal Marines (2011) Royal Marines Fitness Tests. Download your copy today and youll also receive the following free bonuses: How can I get the application form I think I am qualified to apply and I am ready to leave my current just to join one of best jobs I ever wanted in my life. The fitness components assessed are aerobic power and muscular endurance. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. The Border Force Officer Selection Process The selection process to join the UK Border Force as an officer will normally consist of the following elements: Register your interest Online Aptitude Tests Full Application Submission Online Pre-Recorded Interview Face to Face Final Interview Stage 1 - Online Registration and application form You are given 24 questions to answer in 12 minutes so you must work quickly and efficiently. Although there are no right or wrong answers you should be honest in your approach, and consider how you can link your responses to the role of a border force officer. All of our content is either written or spoken in English, with the content designed to be as universal as possible unless otherwise stated. UK Border Force Officer and Assistant Officer Online Tests and Interview Preparation, Talent-Q Elements practice tests: 4 Elements numerical tests4 Elements verbal tests4 Elements logical testsTalent-Q Aspects practice tests:5 Aspects numerical tests5 Aspects Verbal tests2 Aspects combined testsAdditional tests & drills for specific subjects: 14 verbal tests 25 numerical tests 8 error checking tests 24 study guides and video tutorials All tests are timed and come with score reports, solutions and solving tips. The work undertaken by the Border Force is vital for protecting our borders and also enhances the economy. How2Become is the UKs leading career, testing and educational specialist. About Obstacle Course Races (OCR) & Events: Introduction, About Obstacle Course Races (OCR) & Events: Part 02, The OCR Industry, About Obstacle Course Races (OCR) & Events: Part 03, Advantages & Disadvantages of OCR, About Obstacle Course Races (OCR) & Events: Part 04, OCR Event Management, About Obstacle Course Races (OCR) & Events: Part 05, Preparing for an OCR, About Obstacle Course Races (OCR) & Events: Part 06, OCR Governing Bodies, Associations & Championships, About Obstacle Course Races (OCR) & Events: Part 07, Obstacle Courses in Other Areas, About Obstacle Course Races (OCR) & Events: Part 08, Useful Publications & Links, List of UK Obstacle Course Races (OCR) & Events, Directory of Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Providers & Events, OCR World Governing Body & Continental Confederations, Directory of OCR Associations, Federations & Unions, Outdoor Fitness, Boot Camp & Military Fitness Providers, UK-based Outdoor Fitness, Boot Camp & Military Fitness Providers, Australasian-based Outdoor Fitness, Boot Camp & Military Fitness Providers, Canadian-based Outdoor Fitness, Boot Camp & Military Fitness Providers, Outdoor Fitness Business Start-up Considerations, Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires (PAR-Q) & Liability Waivers, Accident & Emergency: Policy & Procedures, British Army Physical Training Instructor Course Overview, Army Reserve Physical Training Instructor (Basic) Course, Army Reserve PTI Intermediate Module One (IM1), Army Reserve PTI Intermediate Module Two (IM2), Army Reserve PTI Intermediate Module Three (IM3), Army Reserve PTI Advanced Module One (AM1), Army Reserve PTI Advanced Module Two (AM2), Army Reserve PTI Advanced Module Three (AM3), DITS (Defence Instructional Techniques) Course Overview, DSAT Module 2: Scoping Exercise (SCOP) Course, DSAT Module 3: Needs Analysis (NA) Course, DSAT Module 4: Early Training Analysis (ETA) Course, DSAT Module 5: Detailed Design & Development (DD&D) Course, DSAT Module 6: Internal Evaluation (INTEV) Course, DSAT Module 7: External Evaluation (EXTEV) Course, DSAT Module 8: First/Second Part Audit (1/2 PA), DSAT Module 9: Defence Training Managers Course (DTMC), DSAT Module 10: Defence Training Managers Seminar (DTM(S)), DSAT Module 11: Defence Commanding Officers of Training Establishments (COTE) Course, Defence Instructional Techniques (DIT) Course, Defence Instructional Techniques (Trainer) (DIT(T)) Course, Defence Train the Trainer Consolidation (DTTT(C)) Course, Defence Instructor Monitoring & Evaluation (DIME) Course, Defence Instructor Assessment & Development (DIAD) Course, Introduction to Learning Technologies (ILT) Course, Basic IT Skills (BITS) Assessment & Training, Fitness Boot Camp, Military Fitness & Outdoor Fitness Lesson Plans, Fitness License Application: General Process, Terms & Conditions for Personal Trainers & Group Fitness Registration & Use of Park-Venue, Code of Conduct for Outdoor Fitness Training, First Aid at Work: Guidance for Fitness Professionals, First Aid at Work: Guidance for Fitness Professionals (UK), First Aid at Work: Guidance for Fitness Professionals (Australia), JSP 822: The Governance & Management of Defence Training & Education, Military Fitness Instructor Courses & Schools, US Military Fitness Instructor Courses & Schools, British Military Fitness Instructor Courses & Schools, Australian & New Zealand Military Fitness Instructor Courses & Schools, Canadian Armed Forces Military Fitness Instructor Courses & Schools, Irish Defence Force (IDF) Physical Training Instructor (PTI), Indian Army Institute of Physical Training (AIPT), Issues Identified with Military Physical Training, Academic Journals: Military, Medical & Fitness, Methods of Systematic Review: 5 Levels of Evidence, Warrant Officers & the British Armed Forces, Ancient & Roman Era Documentaries (2000 BC to 400 AD), The Loaded March: Preparation & Training Guide, Easy-to-use Outdoor Fitness & Exercise Tests & Assessments, British Army Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA) (2019), British Army Physical Employment Standards (PES), Role Fitness Test (RFT) (2019), Training: Adaptation versus Maladaptation, Aerobic Training followed by Resistance Training versus Concurrent Training, Vital Statistics: Boot Camps & Other Forms of Training, Fitness Industry Employment Considerations & Models, Fitness Industry Human Resources Development (HRD), Part 04: Impact on Business Performance & The Bottom Line, Part 05: The Fitness Boot Camp & Military Fitness Perspective, Outdoor Fitness Employment Contract: Casual Worker (Example), Contract of Service versus Contract for Services, Fitness Industry Employment Policies & Procedures, The Six HR Challenges for (Fitness) Businesses, Prevention & Rehabilitation: Military Perspective, Elbow Tendonitis: Tennis & Golfers Elbow, CECS: Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome, An Overview of Piriformis Syndrome (aka Deep Gluteal Syndrome). Lift to a height of 1.45m, emphasise and practice safe lifting technique with 25kg prior to test, using correct (safe) lifting technique and weapon slung. The Border Force will only accept the very best applicants and demand that you display the values and core skills which are required of all border force employees. Table 3 shows the number of sit-ups to be performed in two minutes to achieve the various categories. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. However, several snapshots over a period over time can be useful to gauge progression. Finally Ive found something which helped me. [2] One minute for both press-ups and sit-ups in the RAF. This is like an account number and is unique to you. If they could be verified, your BFT (basic fitness test) stats would be extremely impressive. All of the most common (and not so common) interview questions you are likely to face, broken down. Take a look at our TrustPilot page where you will see our rating of 4.9/5. August 2, 20225:01 AM ET. Boots and combat helmet are not to be worn. Messed up one module -- will this matter a lot? Over 16 years of experience packed into on-demand insider recruitment guides that have helped 1,000s. The full list of other accepted supporting documents will be provided with your interview invitation. Functional test of combat agility and leg power. SILVER Access to the UKs No.1 How to Become A Border Force Officer Career Resource and Bonuses, 260-page How to Become a Border Force Officer Online Resource (Lifetime access), Plus exclusive Bonuses including the latest insider recruitment information added regularly! You can complete the UKBF Behavior test online with the help of a smartphone, a laptop, desktop computer or a tablet. Border Force staff at Britain's largest airports, including those in passport control, resumed action over pay, jobs and working conditions on Wednesday. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Border Force is the part of the Home Office responsible for securing the UK border 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by enforcing immigration and customs regulations. font-size: 0.75rem; The best technique for answering these questions is by using the STAR Method. She applied for a slightly different role in December 20 and is now on the reserve list. That is why we keep close ties to those in the know and we regularly update our content. James9103. We guarantee that our How To Become a Border Force Officer online resources will teach you how to navigate the different elements of the selection process. Your very own Border Force fit workout regime created by former member of the Armed Forces. The PCS union expects 1,000 members at the ports of Calais . With only half a minute to answer each question, you must be able to work quickly and efficiently. Here is a full list of everything you will get within this resource. Table 4: Assessment standards for BPFA aerobic fitness (run). When faced with problems, I always approach these in an analytical manner and am decisive when making decisions. Once this has been completed, you will be invited to complete an online verbal reasoning test. I have extensive knowledge within the aviation industry and have closely worked a long side border force dealing with freight enquiries. Much different to previous campaigns, didn't know what I was doing for a few of the tests. Want to get the edge over the competition from a recruitment expert? A.S Trustpilot, Protected by Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Discover a masterclass of Border Force Officer recruitment knowledge and insider secrets from How2Become, Whether youre just starting out or youre reapplying, you will get access to on-demand training that will catapult your career, Get instant access to the on-demand Border Force Officer recruitment training guides, interactive online tests, and video modules. 11.0 References. #text-3446092089 { Is this experience enough or would I HAVE to have a minimum of 2 A levels? These types of questions are perfect for the use of the S.T.A.R. Really recommend it for anyone going for selection! How2Become customer, I am very happy with the books I received to help me with my tests and interview for the selection process How2Become customer, The deciding factor to a successful application W. G. -TrustPilot, Complete guidance to ensure you pass the ENTIRE Border Force Officer recruitment process, Insider advice on how to complete the online registration and application form/CV, Revealed avoid the common pitfalls that most applicants make (many people fail the application stage dont be one of them! Failure to produce any of the documents, will most likely result In your application being rejected, so ensure you have these at hand to avoid disappointment. I am someone who is disciplined and takes great pride in their work, and the professional standards that I always make sure I work to. Both versions include. In addition, you will be asked competency questions to which youneed to provide answers from your own experience. The packs are to be safely discarded immediately upon completion of the distance. This fit test will get your heart rate up - just make sure to keep working as hard as you can for the full-time period. Hi, I did my online test yesterday. Having created recruitment guides for the last 16 years, we know how often selection processes change. So whether you want to learn what must go on your application form, recognise what not to say at the interview, practice and pass the aptitude tests, or get coaching on what to put on your CV, you can access it all at your finger tips, today. Eric Schmid. Following a successful application (and a sift test for Assistant Immigration Officers), you will be invited to take the UKBF Aptitude tests. (There is no time limit on the swim phase, but at no time during the swim may the participants touch the side or end walls or pool bottom; and. This is likely to be held at the location you will be working at if you are successful. The average starting salary for a Border Force Officer is 23,000. Great resource and excellent information for interview preparation., a full list of everything you will get within this resource. Now explain what had to be done and how you overcame any obstacles or hurdles. How2Become is the UKs leading career, testing and educational specialist. Are you applying forthe UK Border Force as an Immigration Officer or as an Assistant Immigration Officer? 1) People pay National Insurance contributions in order to build up housing benefits? You have no idea where its gone, but you know that a colleague has held a grudge against you ever since you started. Physical fitness The role of border force official can be physically demanding. Chose two of these competencies and think of examples of when you have exemplified them. Please note: you have to pass both of these assessments in order for your application to be progressed to the next stage. PLUS30-Day Free Subscription Trial To The Online Border Force Officer Testing Platform! This will depend on your entrance route into the role. Hi Alissa, unfortunately we are not aware of how far back your checks will need to be. The code colours are: Attainment of a higher score than that required for a satisfactory grade is a creditable individual goal, which is to be encouraged, but one which should not become a unit objective. (ASPT, 2001, p.18). Robert Simpson 22 October 2012 Delivered Dear UK Border Agency, This will be part of your competency based interview. It should take around 45 minutes to be finished. A progressive combat related swimming training programme will give confidence to troops, and identify to commanders personnel who constitute a risk, when training or operations involves water. Explain what the result/outcome was. Improved performance on a wide range of military tasks; Reduced susceptibility to fatigue and psychological stress; Aerobic Fitness (Run or Multi-Stage Fitness Test (MSFT)). The first test in the aptitude tests is the verbal test also known as the Civil Service Verbal Test (CSVT). Plus, British squaddies typically use the terms press-ups and heaves rather than pull-ups and push-ups, which is generally used by the Americans. Around 10,000 people. Important: This insiders guide cannot be purchased individually anywhere else and is available exclusively as a bonus with this resource. If you want to apply directly as a Border Force Officer, this will require you have a minimum of two A levels above grade E or equivalent qualifications. As most training providers utilise, in some form, the British Armys fitness assessment to measure the progress of their members we shall now look at the fitness assessment and other tests employed by the British Army in greater detail. Assessments conducted too frequently are unlikely to be true indicators of programme effectiveness and may be counter-productive by alienating individuals. Competency Based Interview - As mentioned above, during the competency-based interview you will need to give an example of a time when you exemplified two of the listed competencies. Piriformis Syndrome: References & Bibliography, Exercise & Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS): Part One, Exercise & Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS): Part Two, Exercise & Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS): Part Three, Exercise & Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS): Part Four, Exercise & Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS): Part Five, Exercise & Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS): Part Six, UK Military Recruitment & Selection Overview, British Army Recruitment & Selection Overview, BARB Test: British Army Roles by GTI Score, Technical Selection Test: British Army Technical Roles by TST Scores, The British Armys Potential Officer Development Programme (PODP), Royal Marines Recruitment & Selection Overview, Royal Navy Recruitment & Selection Overview, UK Senior Military Officers (British Army), British Army Phase 1: Initial Military Training, The Sandhurst Group SNCO Instructor Cadre, British Army Late Entry (LE) Commissioning Process, The RAF Non-Commissioned Aircrew & Controllers Initial Training Course (NCACITC), British Army Phase 2 Specialist & Phase 3 Career Training, Royal Armoured Corps & Household Cavalry Phase 2 & 3 Training, Royal Corps of Signals Phase 2 & 3 Training, Royal Logistics Corps Phase 2 & 3 Training, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Phase 2 & 3 Training, Adjutant Generals Corps Phase 2 & 3 Training, British Army Musicians Phase 2 & 3 Training, Royal Army Physical Training Corps Phase 2 & 3 Training, Small Arms School Corps Phase 2 & 3 Training, UK Military Command, Leadership & Management (CLM) Programmes, British Army Leadership Development Programme, UK Military Officer Career Development Programmes, British Army Officer Career Development Programmes, Royal Marines Officer Career Development Programmes, Royal Navy Officer Career Development Programmes, RAF Officer Career Development Programmes, OJAR & SJAR: Officers & Servicepersons Joint Appraisal Reports, An Overview of the UKs Military Annual Training Tests (MATTs), British Army Sniper Operators Course (SOC), British Army Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS), Armed Forces of the United States of America, US Military Recruitment & Selection Overview, US Military Enlisted Recruitment & Selection Overview, What is the Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System (TAPAS). The personal statement will ask you to provide an example of when you have demonstrated a number of the behaviours relevant to the role of a Border Force Officer. TOPICS AND INFORMATION INCLUDED WITHIN THIS RESOURCE: HOW TO PASS THE BORDER FORCE OFFICER SELECTION PROCESS, PREPARING TO PASS THE BORDER FORCE OFFICER TESTS, FURTHER TIPS TO HELP YOU PASS THE SELECTION PROCESS. Step-by-step information on how to pass the assessment process including 100s of practice questions and answers. United States Coast Guard ratings are general occupations that consist of specific skills and abilities. I am thinking of applying for Border Force as an officer. However, the ability to manage personal equipment, be self-reliant and have confidence in colleagues skills/abilities when confronted by water hazards is an operational necessity. If you are successful with this test you will then be invited to complete your full application. Be sure to tailor your CV to the role of a border force officer as this will show the organisation, that you want to work for them, as opposed to just having a job. Scoring categories have been placed in a traffic light colour code (ASPT, 2001). Border Force check all passengers and freight arriving in the UK by air and sea and conduct intelligence-led searches for prohibited, counterfeit or restricted goods such as, drugs, firearms, weapons, cash, tobacco and alcohol. About 75% of passport control staff are PCS. There are a number of different routes to join the border force. 806 8067 22 Registered Office: Imperial House, 2nd Floor, 40-42 Queens Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3XB, Taking a break or withdrawing from your course, Oxford History Applicants 2023 - Undergraduate & Postgraduate, Official University of Warwick 2023 Applicant Thread. Compatible on mobiles, tablets and computers. I have managed individuals and have done investigation work dealing with disciplinary issues. I am hard-working, I have strong values, and I am confident, resilient and focused in difficult and challenging situations. As a Border Force Officer, I understand you need to be vigilant, resilient, remain calm in difficult situations and also be capable following strict rules and procedures. You will also be required to submit a CV/Personal statement answering a question based around the Civil Service success profiles behaviours Making Effective Decisions. ), Discover exactly how you are assessed throughout the entire selection process (hint: understanding this will allow you to know exactly how the assessors want you to act at every stage), A complete breakdown of the Civil Service Success Profiles and how you MUST prepare if you wish to succeed, Sample online and face-to-face interview questions, plus guidance on how to answer both behavioural and strength-based questions, Practice questions and answers for all of the different elements of the aptitude tests take your test confident that you are fully prepared, The importance of ensuring you meet the minimum eligibility requirements and understanding the lifestyle when applying for border force jobs, Time-saving strategies and score-boosting methods verified by our panel of recruitment experts, How to get fit and be able to pass the fitness test and medical test, 150-Page Interview Skills Insiders Guide. Climb and descend a hemp/nylon rope under control. When responding to these questions ensure you have a sound knowledge of the person specification, and also the Civil Service strengths dictionary, especially the strengths mapped to the behaviours; Making effective decisions, Working together, Delivering at Pace and Communicating and Influencing. Brand new website with lots of information on their. The role of the Border Force is to protect the UK's borders from multiple threats, including; drug and human trafficking, terrorist threats, organised crime and many others. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As I work for Border Force I can answer a few questions here. As an apprentice you can apply with a minimum of 2 GCSEs grades 9 to 4 (A* to C). For example armed forces or the police service., Your email address will not be published. Press-ups are performed for a period of two minutes or until the individual can no longer continue due to the onset of fatigue. Speak to your superior and accuse this colleague of hiding your work. Specific Fitness Tests. Also, this is a perfect example of where we must discount information that we know to be true in reality, but is not referred to in the passage. These bonuses include free guides, powerful online testing suites and more! ! }, Full Application Submission Official LSE Undergraduate Applicants thread 2023. Sample answers to each of theinterview questions. Functional test of anaerobic fitness and muscular endurance using a simulated section attack. Prevalence & Risk Factors for Piriformis Syndrome. Casualty Drag of 50m and on a grassed surface. Part two follows on immediately after Part one and is a timed, best effort run over a measured distance of 2.4km. It is important to familiarise yourself with the UKBF competencies as they come up on both the online application and in the interview during the assessment day. The employer has previously received low-quality applications from your agency and this is your last chance to impress them. Civil Service Tests STAR stands for: S: Situation - Situation means that you need to paint a picture in a general sense. Great resource and excellent information for interview preparation. S P. One-to-one Career Training We sell our resources to every country in the world, with 1,000s of customers in the USA, UK, India, Australia and more! The upper body strength test (known as the push/pull test) was withdrawn from the JRFT in 2016. Download 24 BORDER FORCE OFFICER Interview Questions and Answers: you want to become a Border F. Does anyone else pretend to be white in those dumb surveys? You only have about 75 seconds to read and answer the question. Scale a standard 2m wall on the assault course. Home > Blog > UK Border Force Recruitment How to Pass the UKBF Selection Process. However, blowing your own trumpet in such a manner is unlikely to inspire those who do not have the physical capacity to achieve that level of fitness, regardless of how serious they are. Herewe outline the different steps in the UK Border Force selection process and provide guidance and suggestions to help you achievesuccess. Sample Border Force Strength-Based Interview Question, About The Aptitude Tests For Border Force Officer Selection. Let us teach you how to perfect one of the 12 exercises you will need to pass. #text-2174570283 { GSG 9 (Border Guard Group 9 or Grenzschutzgruppe 9) GSG 9 (Border Guard Group 9 or Grenzschutzgruppe 9) Selection & Training . Role Play - You will be given information regarding your roleandproceed to act out a difficult situation with an actor. The test is 12 minutes long with 24 questions to answer. Performers stop running when they can no longer maintain the required pace due to fatigue. list of philadelphia police officers, roskam baking company owners, jayda cheaves website,